Week 3 At Kizingo For Rory & Caitlin

Jack reached his teenage stage this week! He has now decided to spend all his time with guests and staff, rather than his loving parents! So much so, he is embarrassed to attend morning brief with either one of us. 

This week Rory was diving with reef sharks and octopus whilst I got back into running post injury, as i prepare for London Marathon 2019. Rory's plans to go pro at triathlon have lessened since he started smoking cigars with guests & sipping whisky at the bar. (I'm sure there is a word for that?!)

Yet his Bear Grylls/Johnny English, alter-ego still makes regular appearances. This week he managed to rip his t-shirt out at sea...Our female guests enjoyed watching him James Bond it out the water with a ripped shirt in one hand, and knife in the other...  what they didn’t know is that he had caught his t-shirt on a rock whilst a reef shark stared him out....

Our staff this week have been super. Our room steward Manuel received great news that his wife had given birth to another baby called Betty! In true gentleman style, Manuel waited until we were quiet to tell us! We couldn't believe it and sent him straight off to see his child and look after his dear wife.

Our chefs are just about coping with my tea-time baking and kitchen dance moves. They have however told me, digestive biscuits are sold in Kenya and make a very easy alternative.

My peanut butter & chocolate cookies were well worth it for the 'Dreams into Memories' group from Poland. These guys joined us for our dolphin trip and kayak tours where a group of 30 dolphins were spotted.

Finally, thanks to the gal guests that attended my circuit class on the beach & congrats to our staff member Ally, who beat Rory this week at the beach 5k race! Go Ally! 

We look forward to the Lamu culture festival coming our way, which includes traditional dances and the famous Donkey Race. Jack.. Are you ready to be a donkey?!

We hope you are having a great week. Thanks for reading!


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