Week 2 At Kizingo For Rory & Caitlin

Another week has gone by!

Jack ran through a wall AGAIN, Rory locked me in the Banda ‘unintentionally’, guests attempted the Kizingo bar challenge, monkeys were seen, dolphins were spotted and the staff swim club took off! A great week all round for our guests and guys.

We started the week with another mainland run whereby 2 guests participated, & several staff members. As the week progressed more guests arrived from Germany, Kenya & Canada. We even had 2 sailors turn up at the bar one evening, having sailed 11 hours to get here. Rory, having just completed a rather tough Ironman saw the look of tiredness on the elder sailor’s face and gave him a Banda for the night, in support of his 21 hour sail home!

Our lovely guest & grandmother of 12 took part in our swim to run challenge whereby she completed the whole course! We also enjoyed celebrating these guests 50th wedding anniversary with a Gin & Tonic cake made by me.

Jack simply outdid himself when he decided to walk home with new friends and bar regulars of Kizingo. We received a phonecall later that night saying…

Jack has come home with us, so don’t worry..we will bring him back in the morning.

Although Rory was going to let this lie, I was not! Rory set off on his 40 minute walk to collect him, where Alex & Sue had cocktails waiting! I was less impressed to see the pair (Jack & Rory) stumble in at hours later than expected!

Jack, having now ran through 2 walls, is getting used to Kenyan life and spends most his time harassing the staff quarters, guests or obsessing over coconut shells.

This week we will be hosting many more, running to Peponi’s hotel, dolphin tripping, kayaking to the mangroves and visiting the village. We will be adding a new collection to the shop, introducing our Mezze bar plates and announcing our Christmas/New Year events!

We hope you enjoyed your week!

Caitlin x

P.s To check our our Christmas activities, click here.

Jack bowman shaw, 2 walls later.

Jack bowman shaw, 2 walls later.