Kizingo is strongly committed to conservation, ecologically sound practices and a symbiotic relationship with the local community.

When we built Kizingo we used the knowledge and expertise of villagers to construct the bandas. We used locally produced materials such as mangrove poles, star palm leaves and coconut palms, to help the lodge blend into the landscape.

Hot water and most of our electricity is provided by solar panels. Shower water and kitchen grey water is recycled to grow our plants and trees.

Guests can visit the local village and its school. Having raised money for the renovation of Kipungani School, the Paint Pots nursery schools in London are funding the building of another two schools on the mainland across from Lamu in villages where we buy our fruit and vegetables.

Turtle Conservation

Through the Lamu Marine Conservation Project we are involved in a Green Turtle conservation program that protects and monitors any turtle nesting sites along the beach.

Green turtles come up the beach to lay their eggs from October to June. 

The incubation period is up to 45 days. 

When the eggs hatch, guests are recruited to protect the baby turtles from the clutches of Ghost crabs, as they find their own way down to the sea.